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The Prestwick

3,460 sq. ft   -   4 bedrooms   -    3 1/2 baths

The Prestwick features a beautiful, elegant exterior with all the space your family needs.  The design includes a 2-car garage, wrap-around porch, and a quiet study and pocket office for getting work done at home.  You can enjoy casual meals in the nook off of the kitchen, and formal dinners in the dining room.  The extra-large rear deck will make for fun summer entertaining.  You'll also love the master bath and spacious walk-in closet of the master suite!  If you'd like to modify or add to this design, we are happy to customize any plan to suit your specific needs!


Study Set                                                $895

Digital set of large ¼” scale floor plans and elevations  to help review and understand room sizes and exterior character of the home.

Printed Plans                      $1795

8 Full Sets of printed plans to scale for construction

PDF File                                $2095

PDF file of the plans that will allow you to print as many copies of the plans as you would like as well as forward it to suppliers via email.


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