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If you're looking for a completely unique and custom  home design, you've come to the right place.  We work together with our clients to develop a beautiful and functional design that you'll love for years to come.  Here's what to expect:

  • Preliminary Meeting

We meet each other and discuss your ideas, needs, tastes, and budget for the project.  

  • Design Development

We get to work drawing up a preliminary design. This will include preliminary floor plans and front elevation to give you an idea of the proposed layout and exterior aesthetic of the home.

  • Design Review

Let us know what you think!  We'll make revisions and rework any areas needed.  

  • Construction Documents

Once you're completely happy with the design, we'll get down to the details.

  • Engineering Review

All engineered components and layouts are reviewed to ensure that they meet the needs of the structure.

  • Permit-Ready Construction Plans

Upon completion, you'll be ready to start construction on your home!

Purchasing a house plan

We have satisfied clients all over the country!  See where we've been:

All major cards accepted

Building a new home is an exciting process, and we want to make it easy.  Buying our home plans online affords you the benefits of a highly experienced architect with a much smaller price tag.  All of our plans are ready for construction, but if you would like to modify a plan to suit your needs, we're happy to collaborate with you to customize any plan.  

Customizing Plans

From small tweaks, to major redesign we want your plan to be perfect for you.  Customizing a plan can include moving walls, enlarging the garage or porch, or changing the exterior look of the home.  The possibilities really are endless, so don't hesitate to ask about modifying plans.  Send us an email with the plan you have in mind and possible changes you're interested in discussing.  Pricing for the customization is determined on a  case-by-case basis depending on the scope of changes to be made. We require the minimum purchase of a PDF set in order to customize a house design. The printed plan sets are available only for the house plan as originally designed.

If you love our plans just the way they are, you're ready to go!  Once you purchase one of our plans, you can take it to a home builder in your area to discuss details and building costs.  Purchasing a full set of plans gives you a license to build the house once.  On each plan's page we have listed the price for different types of plan sets.  Below is a guide for what those plan sets include:

Study Set

A Study Set will include large ¼” scale floor plans and elevations of all four sides of the home.  Study Sets are intended to help clients understand room sizes, house layout, and the exterior character of the home before committing to purchase a full set of plans. It is a very helpful tool if you are leaning toward a design but want more details before purchasing a full set of plans.  If you purchase a Study Set, we will credit the cost of that toward your purchase of the construction set.  The Study Set comes as a PDF file, which you can have printed at your local print shop.  See our sample Study Set to understand what is included.​​

Our plans have been developed without knowledge or reference to your specific site, lot, or geographical area.  As such, all of our plans have been developed to meet local building codes at the time that they were drawn.  Because local and state building regulations vary widely and are subject to change, it is the responsibility of the purchaser and their builders to know and build with current codes and regulations governing the project.  We recommend that a local architect or engineer be retained to review and make any necessary changes to ensure the plans meet building codes.  TM Vavra Associates, P.C. assumes no responsibility for changes made to these plans by others.

All of our plans are protected under the United States Copyright Law.  When purchasing a home plan from us, you have been licensed the right to build the home one time.  Our plans may not be copied, resold, or used for the construction of more than one residence without the express written permission of TM Vavra Associates, P.C.  TM Vavra Associates, P.C. retains all rights, title, and ownership of the original design and documents, as well as any derivative versions of the plans.

​Whether you are interested in a small country style farmhouse or a classically designed luxury home, we look forward to helping you design your dream house.


Complete architectural services including

  • design
  • design development
  • construction documents
  • renderings
  • technical support
  • structural design

We do custom new home designs and we sell our most popular home plans online.  See below for details on each process.

Custom Design

Full Plan Sets

Full plan sets include everything the home builder needs for construction.  Please see the sample plan to better understand what is included.  Plans include a foundation plan, all floor plans, elevations, building sections, roof framing plans, and electrical plans.  Purchasing a full set of plans gives you a license to build the home once.  Remember, our plans have been drawn to meet local building codes at the time that they were drawn.  We recommend seeking the consult of an architect or engineer in your area to make sure our plans will meet your local building codes.  Full plans sets can come printed or as a PDF file.

  • Printed plans include 8 Full Sets of paper plans to scale for construction.

  • A PDF file of the plans is a highly convenient digital copy of our plans.  With a digital copy, you have the flexibility  to print as many copies of the plans as you'd like at your local print shop and send the plans to builders and suppliers via email.  Many of our clients find this very helpful for comparing builder costs.  PDF plan purchases are non-refundable.